IPS Revenue Enhancement Services

Top Four Service Values to Consider:

YOUR Anesthesia team for YOUR center

Your center’s procedure rooms are the ONLY priority of the anesthesia team – not a secondary income for an anesthesia group subsidizing other local facilities being served by the group. Having the same dedicated staff in your center every day creates a team spirit within the group. They will learn how your physicians work, promoting a smooth process and a better experience for the patient.

An “invited guest” approach

Our teams are trained to help move patients through your center in the most efficient and safe manner with our best practices learned through each of our other entity partners; however, we realize each center is different and we modify the process to each center’s flow. We also have our teams preferentially use only propofol, without the use of other drugs, so that your patients are not groggy and will recover predictably.

Additional Service Lines

Adding Pain Programs to existing centers provides an additional revenue source for the center. In a physician practice, broadening the pain services provided accomplishes the same. Coupled with the IPS exclusive programs, a center or practice moves to the forefront of the community, increasing awareness and market potential.

Analysis of the Value Added by a Service

Often, a facility is asked by a physician to add a new service to the facility or a physician may wish to add a new service to the practice. IPS’ experience with new and emerging technology in the Pain sector allows us to comprehensively evaluate the potential costs vs. benefits of a specific procedure or set of procedures. The comprehensive value of additional services (“Should we add laser discectomy to the practice?”, for example) can be calculated, not “guesstimated”.

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