IPS Recruitment Services

Recruiting Your Anesthesia or Pain Management Team

We have our own provider recruitment specialists to locate providers who uphold the quality standards and credentials required by your facility. They may be local, and you may already know them. As part of our “invited guest” approach, we recruit a team that not only supports your physicians clinically, but also look to recruit individuals who can become part of your center’s family.

Please realize that if IPS is not currently serving your local community, we have access to anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and Pain Physicians licensed throughout the United States and should have no problem finding the right person for your facility utilizing our great reputation and recruitment capabilities.

Once we find the right candidate, our credentialing
process includes the verification of:

• Board Certification
• Education
• State License(s)
• Work history
• DEA / CDS / CSR Registration
• Malpractice claims history
• Malpractice insurance
• Primary Source Verification
• Facility privileges
• Professional references
• Sanctions
• Query The Federation of State Medical Boards
• Query The Healthcare Integrity & Protection Databank
• Query The National Practitioner Databank
• Query The American Medical Association

Let IPS Find the Right Talent for Your Team!

Please contact us anytime at 1-888-337-3509  to discuss the benefits
of our recruitment services.