IPS Practice Management Services

What Makes us Different?

Innovative Practice Strategies is solely focused on building and managing the best anesthesia and pain care teams in the country. We look to recruit a dedicated permanent team for your facility and to have that team focus 100% on only your site. We also welcome the opportunity to bring any preferred anesthesia provider you may know under the “IPS umbrella” to serve your facility.

Our “Invited Guest” Approach

For the same reasons that you built your surgery facility, IPS has designed an efficient process to put your patients first, which we term our “invited guest” approach. Our approach focuses on maximizing patient safety and overall quality of care, while monitoring the efficiency of anesthesia and pain management services that are designed to maximize patient satisfaction and your operational flow. We also understand that the center is your home and we are simply “invited guests” in your home.

Qualified Temporary Coverage

Our philosophy is to recruit a qualified permanent team; however, when temporary help is needed, those providers are vetted in the same way as permanent staff.

Not A “Revolving Door”

The target of effective staffing and recruitment is a long term relationship. We strive to place the provider in a situation that will be of benefit to the provider and our associates. Stability is critical to the long term success of the program. Our team has grown through addition, not attrition.

Payor Contracting

Consider it done. We understand the importance and the value of your referral patterns and have a senior healthcare executive on staff to support your managed care contracting needs. We will manage the contracting with those third party payors with whom you wish to be associated.

Supply Purchasing (Optional)

You may wish to leverage our national footprint to take advantage of annual case volumes for supply acquisition. We are able to efficiently purchase and bill for anesthesia and pain management related supplies and drugs, eliminating a major headache and often providing an immediate cost savings.

Quick Implementations

We have the resources and expertise available to implement an anesthesia care team in a very short period of time for those emergent situations. We do prefer 60 to 90 days lead time to allow for the recruitment of the best possible anesthesia professionals for your situation and to assure availability of them on the first day of procedures.

Clinical And Non-Clinical Expertise

With an IPS management team, your center will benefit from the many years of experience IPS collectively provides. Our clinical staff, including physicians and nurses each of which have substantial experience in Health Care Administration, and our highly skilled revenue cycle managers collectively possess several decades of experience in the field.

Learn more about IPS Practice Management Solutions!

Contact us anytime at 1-888-337-3509 and we will be happy to discuss all of the benefits that having a dedicated team can have on your operations during a phone conversation or onsite presentation.