Turn-Key Anesthesia Services

Innovative Practice Strategies’ Services

We will work closely with your center to customize a quality management program, providing ongoing support and guidance for all of your performance improvement needs.

Innovative Practice Strategies provides
revenue enhancing support for physicians by:

  • Adding insurance covered anesthesia services to existing pain practices
  • Providing industry leading billing and collection services
  • Implanting additional sources of revenue into existing practices
  • Supplying qualified professional personnel to provide services
  • Consulting with a practice on how to optimize performance

Turnkey Anesthesia Services

By using dedicated local anesthesia professionals to provide turnkey anesthesia services at no cost to the practice, we create with the practice a new revenue stream. We work with a practice to optimize the means for implementation of anesthesia services into an existing pain practice. With over $1 billion of anesthesia revenue collected, we obtain the maximum reimbursement for services provided. Our national base often allows for increased compensation for the same service when compared to local contracts a physician may have. Even if a practice already provides anesthesia for pain services, we can reliably significantly increase collections- while using the center’s same staff. We have special expertise in reversing anesthesia department subsidies, turning a loss leader into a profit center.

While the provision of anesthesia services is our mainstay,
we provide services including:

  • Provision of Anesthesia
  • Clinical Aspects of Billing
  • Marketing Services
  • Surgery Center Staffing
  • Patient Intake Forms
  • Surgery Center Site Assessment & Approval
  • Physician Education
  • Patient Education
  • Staff Training
  • Equipment Acquisition, Set-up & Provision in Program
  • Friendly Consultation
  • Services for existing practices

IPS provides advanced pain management services which include:

  • Radio Frequency Lesioning (MDR, DRG, disc, peripheral nerve)
  • Intradiscal Procedures
  • Laser Discectomies (percutaneous, mini-open)
  • Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)
  • Standard Interventional Pain Procedures- Epidurals (C,T,L), Facets (C,T,L), etc.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulators, Peripheral Nerve Stimulators, and Intrathecal Pumps
  • Prolotherapy

Partner with IPS to Expand Your Practice Capabilities

Many facilities are impressed at our ability to decrease anesthesia costs, while simultaneously improving overall patient care and management combining techniques of yours and ours. Contact us at 888-337-3509 or info@ipsmgmt.com and set up a 10-20 minute information phone discussion with our Ambulatory Anesthesia and Pain Management Team.