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IPS Partnership Levels with Associates

PLEASE CONSULT WITH A LOCAL HEALTH CARE ATTORNEY PRIOR TO DECIDING ON AN OPTION.  The final choice would represent a joint decision among IPS, the potential associate, and legal counsel

OPTION 1: Joint Venture (JV)

A new legal entity is established in compliance with local and Federal regulations to provide the selected service (anesthesia, pain management, specific pain program, etc.), with ownership percentages dictated by regulation. The JV operates the program(s), with financial responsibility for operating costs determined by ownership percentage. Entities participating in the JV divide profits (income less agreed upon expenses) according to ownership. The entities participating are determined by State law. Pending a ruling by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), this may not apply in the future to anesthesia practices.

OPTION 2: Specific Program Implementation

In certain situations, a facility or physician may wish only a portion of what is offered. In those situations, the JV model may not be optimal and other choices for program structure may be utilized (General/Limited Partnership, contract management, Independent Contractor, etc.). Legal counsel will be utilized to obtain the optimal structure for specific program implementation.

OPTION 3: Management Services Agreement (MSA)

In certain situations where an entity wishes to outsource management of an existing program, MSA relationships may be entertained. Even in situations where an entity desires such a relationship, an MSA may not be practical or legal. The obligations of an MSA would be contractually specified and would likely not include all the components provided under other formats.

OPTION 4: Consulting

The expertise of IPS is available on a Consultation basis independent of requiring an ongoing relationship. Each Consulting Agreement would be accompanied by the requisite non-disclosure agreements and the topics of consultation. The terms there of would be contractually specified.

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