Focused on Anesthesia and Pain Management Services.

Innovative Practice Strategies (IPS)

Since inception in 2008, IPS has become a national provider of anesthesia management services for surgery facilities, pain clinics, and office based surgery centers.  Our locally recruited and dedicated Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) provide coverage for your operating rooms, pain procedure suites, endoscopy  suites and other specialty procedure rooms; while our management team takes care of the billing, recruitment, credentialing, coverage coordination and all anesthesia related operations.

Focused on Anesthesia and Pain Management Services

IPS is helping address the anesthesia and pain management service needs for health care facilities across the country.  We are a diverse leadership group of health care veterans who combine the clinical aspects of anesthesiology and pain management with the non-clinical “business” aspects of our specialty.

With IPS as your anesthesia and/or pain management service partner, you are able to leverage our seasoned payor contracting, anesthesia billing, pain billing, team recruitment, daily management and patient serving expertise with the highest clinical quality of our dedicated Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) recruited specifically for your facility.

Turn-Key Services offered by IPS

There are over 40 million anesthetics administered each year in the United States.  IPS has an anesthesia service designed specifically for your setting:


Our ambulatory anesthesia services are designed for today’s highly efficient surgical centers and procedure suites; who desire the benefits driven from a dedicated and exclusive anesthesia care team, looking to improve both physician and patient satisfaction.


Typically with no cost to your facility, we can offer your patients propofol anesthesia administered by a dedicated anesthesia care team. Let us worry about everything anesthesia-related including supply purchasing, policy and procedure manuals, quality assurance, equipment, billing and recruitment.


Safe outcomes, the utmost quality of care, expansion of services, experienced leadership, and improved operating room performance goals are all addressed during our “open book” proposal process. We offer exclusive patent pending Pain Programs to qualified practices.

Partner with IPS to Expand Your Practice Capabilities

Many facilities are impressed at our ability to decrease anesthesia costs, while simultaneously improving overall patient care and management combining techniques of yours and ours.  Contact us at 888-337-3509 or and set up a 10-20 minute information phone discussion with our Ambulatory Anesthesia and Pain Management Team.